Board Members




Gangadharappa is working as a President in this organization from 13 years. He is well trainer about Agriculture/Horticulture etc. He is a social worker and doing work honestly in this Society


T. Muniraju


T. Muniraju working as a Secretary/CEO in this organization. He is working from 13 years in this Society. He had very knowledge person about to give trainings for Self Help Groups/Joint Liability Groups/Farmers Club/EDP. He was conducted all trainings about Skill/IEC/Financial literacy/Agriculture /Horticulture/etc.


D.R. Bharathi


D.R. Bharathi worked as a treasurer in this Society from 5 years. She had a good knowledge about Computers/SHG books keeping/Audit for SHGs/JLGs groups.


P.N. Manjunath

Field Worker

P.N. Manjunath is working honestly from 5 years in this organization. He had good knowledge about SHG/JLGs . And he had done formation of SHGs & JLGs & given training to all group members.


V. Murali

Lab Technician

He is working in this Society from 7 years. He was worked as an IGA specialist. He is doing survey for Senior Citizens in all around Chickballapur District. And he also doing chemical laboratory work.


Y. Narayan

Program Officer

Y. Narayan is working as a Program Officer in this organization from 10 years. He is well trained about skill program/ IEC/Street Dramas /cultural music etc.


N. Kadirareddy

Field Worker

N. Kadirareddy is working as a field worker in this organization since from 5 years. He had knowledge on making papad/oil items like Chips, Snacks etc. And he has able to form SHG/JLG groups in all Village level.


Shivamma C.M

SHG Trainer

Shivamma C. M. was worked as a SHG trainer in this society from 3 years. She is a well trainer.